How Is Your Traffic and Sales On Holidays?

Well, it’s yet another holiday weekend. Memorial day. Traffic will be slow… NO i’m not talking about traffic on the highway 🙂

It’s interesting how holidays can really impact internet traffic and sales. It’s obvious that people’s mindset is totally different when a holiday floats around, but some holidays put people in an even better BUYING mindset.

Let’s take for example, this holiday, Memorial day. Like in the past, I will most likely suffer pretty slow traffic on the weekend, especially on Sunday as people are out and about, visiting loved ones, and memorial sites. However Monday is usally a really good day. People are at home enjoying their day off relaxing… and relaxing usually involves internet time!

Now Christmas is an entirely different deal. Christmas = buyers. The last two weeks in December are usually pretty stellar as far as traffic volume and conversions. Whole different mindset 🙂

How is your traffic when a holiday kicks around?

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