I get questions all the time where people ask me what tools I use, and where they can get them. Below you will find a list of tools that I most likely use everyday, or at least once in a while 🙂 I’ve also included some recommended articles. Enjoy!


Downloadable Tools


RevenueWire Keyword Manager
This particular tool is awesome! You can scrub your lists, combine phrases, wrap, and even create a massive list of misspellings in mere seconds.


This particular program suite is basically a Microsoft Word knock off. It’s absolutely free and is 100% compatible with any office program. That means you can open a .doc withthis, edit it, and even save it as .doc. One feature I love is the export as PDF feature. One click and your .doc is now a PDF. This is great for creating reports or ebooks.


ProjectPier is an Open Source PHP application that you install on your server. It manages teams and projects all within a very nice looking user interface (password enabled) This helps me big time when it comes to organizing projects and managing my outsourcers (and even in house staff).

AdWords Editor
OK so this one isn’t a big secret but it’s still worthy of placing here. The AdWords editor allows you to manage your AdWords account from the downloaded application. There are so many advantages of using it versus the online interface and the biggest reason is SPEED and efficiency.


Online Tools


Split Tester
This awesome tool is designed for PPC marketers, to see what ad is a winner by inputting click data. One click and it tells you which ad to keep, and which ad to ditch.

Super Split Tester
Dr. Glen Livingston has taken the Split Tester above a step further, by also allowing you to input conversion data for each ad. His video on the page explains his philosophy.


Recommended Reading


31 Killer AdWords Ad Writing Tips
Direct from “GoogleLady” I had to include this. I was blown away by some of the tips listed on this page. If you want a jump start to ad writing, or if you need a refreshing look from another set of eyes, check this out.

RocketClicks Blog
I am always blown away when Dr. Glen Livingston releases a new article, video, or podcast. Check out some of the insights he has on his blog. The home page lists the most recent additions. Trust me, you need to read the material, Glenn knows his stuff

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