Identifying a Winning Niche

Many people ask me how I find a winning niche. Obviously, if you are looking for an offer in a network like clickbank or CJ (commission junction) you can look at the data they provide like gravity and EPC, but is that enough?

I take things a step further. If i’m researching a niche, I will actually analyze the competition. I will go to Google, type in a couple keywords related to that niche, and see who is promoting it on search, and then identify adsense sites and see if there are any competitors there as well.

Once I identify my competitors, I determine if they have their own site, or simply direct linking. If they have their own site I will manually scope it out and determine how long they’ve had it by doing a whois search. If they’ve been up a while and scaled it over time, there is a very strong chance this market is viable for large scaling, and profitable.

I do one other thing too. I’ll use a site called the “way back machine”. I have provided a video below explaining how and why I use this tool:

A lot of people think there is some magic tool out there that will dump money into your bank account and hand things to you on a silver platter. That’s not the case. While admittedly, there are some cool tools out there that can help immensly, I believe there is always going to be old fashioned work and genuine thought involved in this process.

As i’ve stated many times before, any super-affiliate i’ve ever met or talked to have one thing in common. They work really hard, and put thought into everything they do. Don’t get stuck looking for that magic pill. Trust me, it doesn’t exist.

If you work hard and always put your best effort into it, you’ll be surprised where it will take your business.

I’d love to hear your thoughts below…

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  1. Jeff Brown, 09 September, 2009

    Hi Peter,

    This is a great post. I wish I found it earlier.

    Putting thought into everything I do has now become a goal of mine. Too often I have been considering programs that claim to “do it all”. I am finding that the more thought I give a task, the more innovative I become.

    Thanks or sharing how you look at and conduct your business.


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