Google Wonder Wheel Keyword Research Tool

I wanted to take a few minutes and discuss the Google Wonder Wheel because it’s one of the most powerful research tools i’ve seen… and it’s free!

One of the things I like about it, is not only can you really expand your current keyword lists, but it also can give you some insights on how Google thinks as far as placing you on the content network too.

Once Google finds a specific ad that is working well, they will continue to “branch out” that ad (yes even onto less relavent sites) to see how it performs. That’s why it is so important to run placement reports regularly.

At any rate, I made a quick video on this new tool.. hope you enjoy it and would love to hear your comments below… check it out:

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  1. Tracy, 09 June, 2009

    Quality content as usual Peter. When I first saw the Wonder Wheel I was immediately reminded of the ThinkMap software from way back. It’s still for sale, but why? Thanks for posting.

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