Worst AdWords Ad Of All Time

My friend Stefanie Hutson emailed me a hilarious (for you and I, not so much for the creator) AdWords ad she noticed in her gmail account. It really reminded me of why I upload my campaigns paused, then manually inspect them after 🙂

Bad Ad

OK obviously it was a mistake… site.com is getting some free traffic… hooray for them!

Seriously though, when using AdWords Editor, always upload your campaign paused and then manually inspect it as best you can before you make it active.

Until next time…


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  1. Tom, 21 July, 2009

    Ha ha. They probably have an adgroup with the following keywords:
    keyword 1
    keyword 2
    keyword 3….

  2. Peter, 21 July, 2009

    LoL Or worse yet a campaign with adgroup 1, adgroup2, adgroup 3

    Getting a headache just thinking about it…


  3. Sherice, 01 August, 2009

    I wonder if someone has actually published one on traveling to Mars (i.e. the default Adwords text)

  4. Tom Harvey, 13 August, 2009

    Superb! Must be a fellow internet newbie, these things can happen i guess. Hope that the keywords weren’t too expensive!!

  5. SooRAJ, 07 November, 2009

    Come to think of it, Google’s AdWords representatives (yes, they have people to verify ad copies for obscenity in the text ads and such) did a miserable job. If an advertiser was being charged for it, Google either said… what the heck! this new PPC marketer kid doesn’t know stuff, so let’s make a few dollars from him/her, or if the advertiser was charged, he would have fought with Google to get his/her money rolled back to his/her AdWords account or his/her credit card.

    So, in all totality, I might be assuming.. but I think it’s a fault at the Google AdWords office(s) to have approved of the ad to be published.

    How do I know?! There was once a job offer from Google (for the position of an AdWords representative) in my college and I’d applied for it. Did the get the job? No 😛 I don’t know why though. I guess they saw an AdWords marketer in me. So, how could they possibly employ a customer for 9 hours a day?!

  6. phong khang, 23 April, 2010

    haha, incredibly dumb…or incredibly clever? I’m pretty sure if you saw that you’d probably get curious and click on it anyway. Then again Site.com has nothing to do with marketing or ppc so most likely someone at Google messed up.

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