How To Work Around The 1 URL Per AdGroup Rule

One of the biggest strategies that really accelerated things for me was when I began to split test domain name URL’s. During one of my first one on one consultations with Perry Marshall, he told me I should be doing this and boy was he right.

I saw massive differences right from the start. We’re not talking 1-2% increases either. One of the first split tests I conducted, I doubled and almost tripled my CTR, and not only did I get more customers with this increased CTR, I quadrupled my conversion rate. Yes, the right domain can make the difference in a winning campaign, and a losing campaign.

Now that Google has tightened the knot once again, it makes it harder to split test domain names. Before it was easy… just put two ads in a campaign, one went to url1 and the other to url2. Done.

Now we can’t do that. We can only include one URL per adgroup. So how can we effectively test if that’s the case? I have been using a pretty straight forward technique and it involves using the “Ad Scheduler”.

First, set up two identical campaigns using adwords editor (it’s faster). These campaigns should be identical including keywords, ads etc. but the only difference will be that one campaign will use url1 and the other url2.

Once you have these two campaigns uploaded (upload paused!) simply click on campaign settings of one of the campaigns and then scroll about 3/4 down the page.. you’ll see “Ad Scheduling:”. Click on “Turn on ad scheduling”.

AdWords Ad Scheduler

For the first campaign you’ll want to have it run every other hour. Turn it on from 00:00-01:00 and off from 01:00-02:00. keep alternating. BUT before you start, there is a little trick that you can easily miss. You don’t have to do this for all seven days… there is a link on the top left you can click and it will make these changes for all seven days… click on “all days” next to “Bulk Edit”.

AdWords Ad Scheduler Bulk Edit

As mentioned above, set up the campaign so it is running every other hour, and I think at this point you’re seeing where i’m going here. On the other campaign, set those times at just the opposite. That way you have one campaign on and the other off and it rotates every other hour.

Many people ask, why not just have one on from 00:00-12:00 and the other off, then vice versa. The answer is simple. You want an even sampling of traffic through the 24 hour window. Traffic can convert differently and react differently through various times of the day.

Testing domains is important, and we need to continue to figure out how to keep doing the things we should be doing when Google makes changes like this. This is what seperates the affiliate from the super affiliate.

Now go out there and start split testing domain names today… it’s really that important!

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