Build Google Campaigns Using SpeedPPC

Speed PPC is a great program to quickly throw up laser targeted campaigns. Coupled with php echo, you can increase your conversion rates substantiually as well. I put together this video to show you an example of how you can get a campaign up in a very short period of time, with every keyword having a targeted ad as well as the landing page having the keyword term strategically placed throughout.

I don’t go through every single feature but you’ll get a great idea of how great the program really is. Also, make sure you set your campaign settings properly in adwords editor before you upload to Goolge… By the way,  you can get SpeedPPC right here.

Enjoy! Please feel free to leave a comment below… i’d love to hear it!

Here’s the LP code: <? echo $_GET[‘id’] ?>

By the way, SpeedPPC gives you all the information on how to use this code once you join 🙂

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  1. Jeff Brown, 14 June, 2009

    Hi Peter,

    This video is great. You read my mind!

    As a newbie I learned about Speed PPC early on, but was having a tough time with the learning curve. Hopefully now I can get things rolling again 🙂

    Much appreciated.


  2. Peter, 14 June, 2009


    Awesome! Glad it could help. There as SO many features in this program it can be easy to lose focus of it’s simple campaign building power using one seed keyword list.

    Glad to hear you can incorporate this easier now 🙂


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