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Wow do you realize I haven’t added a blog post in over 2 months? I better get my butt off the couch here! No, actually, I’ve been really busy lately, coupled with some illnesses in the family.

All is well NOW but i’ll try to post more frequently now.

I want to talk a little bit about writing effective ads on the content network. Most people struggle here, and rightly so. Unless you’ve really tested a lot of different types of ad writing styles, it can be a battle initially!

The content network is different for search. Sometimes on search, just including the keyword in the title can assist your CTR.

On the content network however, it is based on the “theme” of the adgroup, and on top of that, people are actually looking for a specific thing. You areĀ interruptingĀ them, PLUS you are being thrown on many different types of blogs/forums etc, making it nearly impossible to be too direct and targeted.

Here is how you should write an ad on the content network.

If your keyword theme is “Blue Widgets”, then make the headline mention Blue “Widgets”. Now because you will most likely be thrown on “widget” pages (perhaps red widgets, green widgets etc) you’re going to need to cover yourself by making the rest of the ad more generalized..

Need Blue Widgets?
Find Any Widget In 2 Minutes!
Guaranteed 2 day Delivery.

You see what I did there? I covered myself my mentioning in Description Line 1 that they can get ANY widget…

I would also make a generic widget page versus red, blue, green for the same reason… you will be thrown on a very broad spectrum of pages and you want to cover yourself.

I hope this helps you write more effective ads on the content network!

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