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Something happened today that really blew my mind. Anyone who has talked to me in the past has most likely heard me talk about the WarriorForum. That place is amazing.

I am diving into a new niche and building out an authority site and needed some articles like FAST.

Now, my usual content writers are so busy I needed to look elsewhere because I really really want to get this new niche ramped up fast so I decided to do what I tell everyone to do. Go to the WarriorForum and post that you need articles and are looking for a writer.

Well, take a look at the PM’s I got within an hour:

Article Writers

Anyone who is having trouble finding content writers certainly hasn’t been at the WarriorForum. Now, what I do is give each a couple articles to do, and this serves as sort of an interview. The ones who respond the fastest and have the best quality usually stay pretty busy with me 🙂

And the best part, they work EXTREMELY reasonable! Now of course, I pay them more than they are asking. Why? If I need articles fast and email them, who is going to get priority?

This is a John Reese method, and let me tell you… he is so right!

Anyone interested in the WarriorForum can check it out here.

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