Tired and Taking a Break

Peter DunbarHello everyone! Well, the ragged looking gentleman is me… I’ve been staying up late for about a week because of my new project with David Ford and Stefanie Hutson http://www.affcoaches.com.

Even though I’ve been working like mad, I still realize I need to take some time for my family so we went to the local “Step Back Cafe” yesterday afternoon (my wife Renee and son Camden).

Often times you hear people say how you can work an hour a day and make millions. Well, truth be told, most projects I start require hard work and dedication. The whole key is to be working on the RIGHT things like project management etc versus medial tasks. That’s the whole secret folks. You need to try and WORK yourself out of a job.

Now with our new site it WILL be more of a hands on. We’ll be in the forum and also working on new killer content every month that can teach YOU how to build a long term scaleable business using a variety of traffic methods.

I can’t tell you how excited we all are, but make no mistake about it, it takes work no matter how you cut it. David once said that any successful marketer he has ever met has one thing in common. They all work REALLY hard. He was SO right. Those words were as truthful as I’ve ever heard indeed.

Now, don’t let that 4 letter word scare you because quite honestly, I LOVE what I do, and even 16 hours working in my business is better than ONE hour in my old factory jobs years ago..

Hope everyone has a great weekend and remember… stay focused, work hard, and LOVE what you do!!

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  1. andrew wee, 31 July, 2009

    Hey Peter, congrats on the launch.
    Having looked at the inside of AffCoaches, it’s something that affiliates will find useful because of the guides, tools and probably most of all, the personal responses that David, Stefanie and you will be posting in the forum.


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