2010 and Beyond – My Take

I just wanted to post some thoughts to help you in 2010. These thoughts are mostly about Google of course, and how you can get through the slaps and actually make more money than you were previously.

First, let me say I in NO WAY agree with how Google has handled the recent series of slaps and bans. Over 100,000 people had their AdWords accounts terminated since Sepetember.  Some didn’t even get a warning.

No reasons for the most part… just “low quality landing pages”. Some had content sites LOADED with content to the tune of hundreds, and in some cases, thousands of articles. It didn’t matter.

BTW here is an official reason for a ban (ARBITRAGE_AFFILIATE_BRIDGE) from a Google rep who sent this to a person who was actually banned when he asked for more info as to WHY. Affiliate Bridge… hmmmmmm.

My take? I think Google is really taking favor to merchants because they view affiliates as “duplicate content” servers. Think about it. No matter what site people click on, if people are all basically hitting the same merchant sites in the end, then the site is really a duplicate content server.


bestwidgets.com – 100 unique articles, aff links to allwidgets.com
topwidgets.com – 100 unique articles, aff links to allwidgets.com
widgethub.com – 100 unique articles, aff links to allwidgets.com

In the end, these are basically bridge pages to allwidgets.com.

The big question is, what can you do about it. I think the game has changed to where you need to have your own product, whether it be an ebook on widgets, a membership site on widgets, SOMETHING. Just don’t have blatant affiliate links.

Another reason is I believe Google will eventually become the world’s largest super affiliate. They now have their own affiliate network and are looking to draw merchants whom THEY will advertise.

I won’t go in depth, but it’s covered pretty well here.

My point is, if you want to continue on the AdWords gravy train, look to where Google is heading, and join them. That’s all you can do.

I hope 2010 brings you much prosperity, happiness and health and I look forward to continuing to provide you  even more insights!

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  1. Douglas, 01 January, 2010

    Very interesting! Q: Do you think an affiliate site offering direct download to a product would be viewed as an affiliate bridge page?

  2. Peter, 01 January, 2010


    I think it could yes. I think as marketers we need to try to improve our processes for sure.

    I think ultimately, having your own product and selling as an affiliate in the back end may be the best long term business model.

    Glad to hear from you Doug 🙂


  3. Stephen, 01 January, 2010

    Great article Peter! I think you have hit the nail on the head with the dup content analysis.

    If you are simply re-posting an offer without adding value to it, your effort is probably in danger of hitting the Big G trashcan.

    I don’t fault google at all on this. Who wants to read the same pitch over and over again? I mean look at our email boxes? How many times do I need to go see a Frank Kern pitch? Do some searches with some kws that you know affiliates are targeting. It is all dups and all garbage.

    Google knows the offers, knows the pitches, knows the trails, and they know the sequence. If you are not doing anything usefully different why should google participate in something which does nobody a service?

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