How To Use AdWords Editor To Duplicate Campaigns

Hello everyone… I’ve had some questions from people asking how they can quickly duplicate campaigns to test different countries quickly. When I tell people who don’t use AdWords Editor to target one country per campaign, and test different countries in different campaigns later, they get totally confused and think they have to do it all by hand. Not so…

I’ve made  asmall video that explains how to do it… If you haven’t used AdWords Editor before, or if you have and have never tried to do this I think you’re going to be  really surprised at how easy it is…

That’s really all there is to it! If anyone wants to download AdWords Editor you can do so from my tools page. I only charge $997 for it… JUST KIDDING it’s absolutely free direct from Google. Just click the “Tools” tab above and scroll down a bit and you’ll see the link.

That’s about it for now… until next time…

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  1. Jeff B, 30 May, 2009

    Hi Peter,

    Thanks for posting this great video. I plan to market in different countries and this is going to be very helpful.


    Jeff B,

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