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So who ta heck am I anyway? Well, i’ve been marketing online successfully since 2000, and full time since 2001.  I am an avid AdWords user and a former VIP Coach at ppcclassroom.com. I am married and have a 3 and a half year old son who wrecks my office everyday.

I had a rough start though. In 1998 I injured my back and was told I would never work again. As you can imagine, I didn’t take this news too well. That’s when I started reading about this thing called “internet marketing”. I also went to college as well to further my education and get back to work… Little did I know that internet marketing was going to be the REAL answer for me.

I already had some background in computers and html (minimal) so I started reading books about internet marketing and building sites with affiliate offers embedded in them. My first check was around $1400 and I remember when it came at the post office like it was yesterday.

By 2001 I was earning a full-time income online, and no longer disabled. In 2005 I started with Google AdWords and added this new revenue stream to my income.

I have been a member of Perry Marshall’s mastermind group for several years and have had several one on one sessions with Perry, and his right hand man Bryan Todd.

I also honed my split testing and keyword analyzation skills by working with Dr. Glen Livingstion.

I am now a Google AdWords Professional and a VIP coach at PPC Classroom. I recently worked with Amit Mehta and 3 other coaches at the PPC Classroom Boston workshop consulting over 30 students from all over the world on how they could take their online businesses to the next level with PPC marketing.

I continue to use organic SEO and AdWords and hope to be able to help you with my insights.

Feel free to contact me anytime!

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